Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mother, What will my children say?

I sat down with my two eldest children Jacob and Jonathon. I asked them to describe me truthfully and honestly good or bad. Here's what they said....First the good things...Jonathon 10 says I'm not strict but fair, energetic, a hard worker, not too girly, doesn't give up easily, makes smart decisions (wise), I relate to them like a big sister and YOUNG! Jacob 11 says...I'm beautiful, pretty, strict, their teacher, I clean alot, I spank them b/c I ♥ them, and I take care of them. Ok now for the bad or things they said I need to improve we go! They think I'm addicted to facebook! LOL and they would be right even though they said I don't spend much time on it. They said I talk to my friends more than them via cellphone and at church even though I only talk to one friend, 2 to 3 times a week for maybe 30 mins if she's lucky and why can't I talk to my friends at church? They get so jealous of my friendships and want me all to themselves. Boys are so overprotective sometimes. I do see the need for me to just sit and talk to them and cut up though. That's all they want and I need to balance that out in my life b/c I'm always busy with housework, schoolwork and church. I can see I need to cultivate our communication and relationships a little better. They said they know I don't have any free time but that I should make more time for them and I will. The last thing they said is they want to socialize with other kids more. I can see where they get that coming from a homeschooling environment. Even though they go to church 4 times a week. I think they want friends outside of church. I'm not sure how that's going to work. I thinks it's good for them to meet new and different people I'm just not sure if that's possible right now. I'm always schooling, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. I always put my duties at home priority when really I need to make their needs a priority as well. That means letting go of the house sometimes and just having fun! Neway this was a real eye opener for me. Even though we think the things we do are small and not that big of a deal our children see it different. Listen to them. They can teach you alot! :)

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