Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting The Day Started

I'm just enjoying a cup of coffee in my new I ♥ Cupcakes mug. The kids had hot chocolate with multi-colored marshmallows. I think it makes them feel big and it's perfect for these chilly fall mornings :) We ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast and the day has begun. We are still working on the old house getting it ready for the next occupants to move in. There's alot of painting to do and fixing up the place. It makes me not want to live in a house this big ever again. It's just too much house. I welcome the smaller home we are moving to. It will be easier to clean and keep track of the children. Today I'm just going to work on getting the laundry caught up before the move. I hope everyone has a cupcake kinda day because life is sweet ;)

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