Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MOM of 5's Homeschooling Style

If you were to ask me..Why do you home school? I would have to say, I am convicted to do so. I believe that it is my responsibility to educate my children. As long as I'm qualified and the Lord & my husband, sees it fit, I see no reason why I shouldn't. My own experience has had a huge impact on my choice to home school my children as well. I was greatly influenced by my peers throughout my public school years. I was away from my mother and father so naturally without their watchful eye, I fell into trouble. I am supposed to guide my house. To give instruction, teach and train.

"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully."
I Timothy 5:14

A mother knows her child's weaknesses, strengths and abilities better than anyone else in the world. She knows their habits, character, talents and mannerisms.

This is Jacob, using the Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum from Alpha and Omega Publications. It's a Bible based, multimedia computer curriculum. This has been our first year using it and let me tell you that it's a God send. It does all the planning and grading for you with a few exceptions. Awesome!

Our school schedule runs from about 8:30am until 1:00pm Mon-Thurs, year round! We run errands on Fridays.
Yes, I said year round. We start on March 1st and end at the end of February the next year. Then we start all over again.
We do have breaks from time to time. Some are planned and some are not. During the summer we do what we call "light school". Light school is when we will have less work to complete each day. One day we may do Math, Language Arts & Science and the next Bible, History & Geography.
People ask me all the time. Why do you home school all year? And I say...I have found that if my children don't have some sort of normal schedule that they become crazy and bounce off the walls! Ha Ha! It only took me a year to learn this. Besides, they never forget what they have learned over the summer ;)
This is my three year old Joel. He has recently started participating in our school day. When it is school time and he is not learning....he is busy playing quietly :)
Jonathon, my 11 year old also does is work on the computer using Alpha & Omega's Switch-On Schoolhouse curriculum. Him and his brother study Bible, Math, Language Arts, Science, History & Geography. Jonathon, is currently learning typing as well. Jorja & Jon are watching Apollo 11 taking off this morning.
We break at 10:00am to have a quick devotional time of Bible reading, prayer and song :)
We usually read a chapter, taking turns reading verses. I read the first verse, Jake, reads second & Jon, reads third and so on and so forth. The little ones sit and listen until they are able to read along.
Time to get Joel, situated again while we begin the Little Ones School time. I am available for the older boys from 8:30am to 10:00am for any questions or help. Any time after that they know not to bother me. From the hours of 10:30am to 1:00pm the little ones have my full attention...or I have theirs ;)
Jared & Jorja, study Math, Language Arts & Hand Writing in their LIFEPAC curriculum also from Alpha & Omega Publications.

Writing capital M's is such hard work ;)
Jared, starts the first grade on March 1st. Why March first? Well that's when his new curriculum comes in. We purchase our curriculum in February so it just makes since to start our new school year in March instead Of August like everyone else. That's just how we must do it.
Jared & Jorja, are playing a fun game using their long a long e cards.
Jorja, WINS!!!!
I've learned that I can group the older boys together and Jared & Jorja together. Then I added Joel's own time with me. So it's kinda like having three different classes going on at one time at the end.
That big cupcake is actually a bank. I've been letting the little ones use pennies as counters for subtraction this week. It's like killing two birds with one stone b/c pennies are worth 1 cent. So they are counting money now and they don't even know it ;)
Jared, Jorja and Joel all learn their phonics from Alpha-Phonics. It's awesome! My son Jared, is only on lesson 41 and he can read most anything!
Just making sure he remembers how to add after all that subtraction.
Jorja, is five and has just learned how to subtract :D
So after all is said and done, I sit down to file away their finished work in their binders that my gracious momma made for me. Each little one has their own folders. Then I plan for the next day:)

I hope you have enjoyed homeschooling with me today.


Joanie said...

I love this blog entry! It is so cool to see how you do the school! I love the picture of Jorja writing her M's! She is concentrating so hard!
Good job Michelle! This makes me want to do it some day...

Mom of 5 said...

Aw, thanks so much Joanie! I'm happy that I encouraged you to home school some day. That was my goal here :) ♥ ya!

Tara said...

I didn't know all that! I enjoyed reading about what y'all do! I also always loved your craft and activity ideas when I was on fb so I would LOVE to see some posts on those kinds of things that you do too!

Mom of 5 said...

It's been forever since we've made any crafts. Good idea :)