Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why We Love Bookstores

The kids and I enjoy spending time in bookstores. The one we often like to frequent is Barnes & Noble. As soon as we enter the store, my little children head straight for the children's section. The bright, colorful books, and wooden train set help keep them busy long enough for me to enjoy a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, and a coffee with my older boys.
 The cashier at the Starbucks counter wrote my son's name "Jacob" in Hebrew on his cup. The top portion is in cursive, and the bottom is written in print. So neat! This is the kind of stuff I love about the bookstore! Who would have thought the Starbucks cashier could write in Hebrew?!

 We love the brainy atmosphere at the store. The perfume of new books, and coffee fills the air, all types of people are browsing the bookshelves for whate're they fancy; College students, hipsters, parents, grandparents, teens, and children; people from all walks of life are there. I even observed a military man who enter the coffee shop where we were sitting. Dressed in his fatigues, he ordered a cup of coffee, browsed the books for a few short minutes, then left. I thought about his service to our country, and told my boys they should go shake his hand, and thank him for the job he does. Of course they 'd rather suck down their caramel frappuccinos, and take advantage of the free WiFi.

Not long after my boys finished their frappuccinos, my son Jon (12) comes over, and asks, "How does he do it? Everywhere he goes, he does this!" I heard some girls giggling behind me. I turned around, and my oldest son Jacob, who is 14, has already met two girls, and is making them laugh! I gave him his privacy. I don't mind him making friends with girls from the bookstore. At least I know they're probably smart. ;)

We all bought something. Jorja (my Girl) bought a board game, Joel (5) and Jared (8) both bought angry birds balls; go figure. Jacob, Jon, and myself all went home with new books. It should take me about 3 months to read these ;) I better get started.

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