Friday, April 9, 2010

Publix vs Walmart

I went to Publix for the first time today. You know where shopping is a pleasure ;) I found a few buy 1 get one free deals & bulk items that I was pleased with. I also found that their meat is sold in bigger portions and at a cheaper price than what I buy at Walmart. A few items I needed were a bit pricey, such as milk, eggs, butter, biscuits, MUFFINS, shampoo, conditioner and tooth paste. I didn't have to buy a full grocery list this week, so I didn't price laundry detergent, and such. Oh, and their Oreo cookies where almost 4 dollars!!! So I'm torn! I like the fact that I can buy 1 and get 1 free and that the meat portions and pricing is the bomb! I'm not totally sold b/c so many other items are just too high! I'll probably go back but next time with coupons!!!!

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