Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bounce Dryer Bar vs Bounce Dryer Sheets Results

So a while back I posted that I purchased the new dryer bounce bar. After using their dryer sheets for your years I decided to try it to see if it met my expectations of freshness! Low and behold it did! On the box it said it would last about two months and I really didn't expect it to do so with all the laundry I dry. On average 20 loads a week! Surprisingly enough it held up! The bar stayed attached, lasted about 2 months and made my clothes smell heavenly! I did however realize that the cost of it was 8.00 and not the same price as the sheets @ 2.00. It's time for me to replace the refill but I think the Bounce Dryer Bar wins in this test. It freshens my laundry, it's convenient and I'm sold on this product. I would recommend it to anyone! Keep it fresh with the Bounce Dryer Bar ;)

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