Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Many Hands Make Light Work ♥

I was recently asked if my boys do chores. The answer to this question is YES! We all chip in at the Murray house, even the little ones. Our home is split up into what we call "jurisdictions" Each child and adult (excluding my husband) have they're own jurisdiction to clean everyday. Jake (11) cleans part of the kitchen which is shared with me, computer room, school room which is also shared by me, his bedroom & part of his bathroom. For instance...after school Jake, cleans part of the kitchen by clearing & cleaning the counters, chairs, table, emptying the dish washer and taking out the trash. Then I come in to load the dishwasher, sweep and mop the floors *when needed. The other rooms like the computer, school room and his bedroom always have misc items, trash etc to pick up and put away. He vacuums the carpeted area's and I sweep the school room. He and his brother Jon share their bathroom cleaning responsibilities! Jonathon (10) has his own jurisdictions as well. He cleans the living room, hallway, his bathroom and bedroom like picking up misc items and putting them away, trash, vacuuming, dusting etc. They both help with the dinner clean up as well. Once again Jake cleans the counters, empties the dishwasher and Jon cleans the table and floors then I come in to load the dish washer and sweep the floors one last time. It's a team effort and teaches them the importance of doing your job correctly and in a timely manner so that other's jobs behind you aren't delayed. Just like a job in real life! They also help with switching out the laundry, cleaning out the van and any other jobs I need their help on. My jurisdictions consist of the back of the house! My bedroom, laundry folding/ sitting room, my bathroom, laundry room and parts of the kitchen and schoolroom that are shared with Jake. I also sort the laundry, wash, fold and put away all laundry, vacuum my part of the house, mop my part, I dust and do countless spring cleaning projects throughout the year on the side inside and outside the house. Even the little ones 6, 4 & 3 help out with misc cleaning such as a mess they made, toys, etc. or just helping hands for whomever needs help that day. They are new to cleaning in the house. Jorja (4) however does clean her own room and helps me with the cooking. Jared (6) is stubborn and lazy but will help a little lol Joel (3) is preoccupied with play to do alot but he does help when needed :) So many hands make light work. I'm never tired b/c I have so many helping hands around her to help me carry the load! It's great b/c it frees me up so I can home school without worrying about the housework that comes with having a family of 7.
When everyone pulls their weight the house runs like a well oiled machine! It only takes an hour or two to do and then we are free to finish projects or do things that interest us the rest of the day. So that's it in a nut shell. It took years to perfect it so keep on experimenting with whatever works for your family until you find the perfect fit. :)

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