Thursday, October 28, 2010

Costumes On A Budget

A Pirate, Engineer & Little Red Riding Hood
and don't forget the Cowgirl ;)

So you need a costume and you don't have alot of money. What do you do??? Use what you have! We went to a Fall Festival tonight at my church and didn't want to spend money on costumes we would only wear once. So we opened up the closets and drawers to see what we could come up with. We'll start with Red Riding Hood. She has on a coat that someone gave me when she was 2. I added socks, dress shoes, a basket of goodies for grandma and poof! Little Red Riding Hood! Then was have the Pirate! I took a box cutter to an old pair of sweat pants and a tropical shirt, added a vest, dress shoes, bandanna, sword and we had our very own swashbuckler! Then for the engineer we used my husband's hard hat, reflective vest and boots paired with a flannel shirt and jeans. All I did was get dressed as normal and had a friend bring me a cowgirl hat to wear. All this for free and we had a great time! :)

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