Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cupcakes, Glitter & Long O

Today, my children were extra creative so I just has to post some of their work today. We have been working on long o stories & words. Today we made our long O pages. This one is Jorja's. Her's looks so fashionable lol like it belongs in a magazine somewhere. She picked out the color scheme and won these photos but naming the long O picture when I held them up. She loves nachos, cooking and clothes! What girl doesn't? I love it!
It's so funny because the pictures they won reflect their personalities. This one was made by my 3 year old Joel. He's sweet, loving and funny. His color scheme looks awesome too! I did not help him in any way, arrange or color coordinate the photos with the color of the page. It just worked out that way. I never help any of them. I like for their own creativity to shine through their work.
This one is Jared's 6. Once again it totally says I'm a man LOL!!! Of course he had to point out that he could see the buggers in the nose lol Yeah, that's gross!!! He's very masculine! He loves guns, playing army & hunter as he calls it. He's my handsome devil.
We did accomplish other work today but subtraction, writing and phonics pages are boring posts compared to this glittery goodness ^_^ We made these cupcakes out of construction paper. They were 3 pieces. The cup, strawberry icing and vanilla icing, glitter for sprinkles and hearts for the cherry on top since it's February. I ♥ cupcakes! They are so sweet and charming! Of course my older boys didn't want to have anything to do with sparkly cupcakes. I'm surprised Jared even made one! As you can see Jorja & Joel made two each and Jared...well he lost interest quick. So I was happy to decorate his last one.
When we were finished decorating the cupcakes, we put them around our February calendar. Yesterday, we made the hearts you see round about it. We love making things and it's so much fun! It was a great homeschooling day :)


Joanie said...

Nice Cupcakes :)
I see you allowed the sponsors???

Mom of 5 said...

Thanks and yeah we'll see how it goes. It's on a trail basis but you should totally buy something from Chunky Bing!!!