Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just A Little Of Our Day

We slept a little late today... got up... then started school. Here is one of the projects we did today. I'm using Psalm 23 to bring emphases to the sh and th blends in the chapter. Even though Jared can already read...

Jorja cannot :) She is still working on learning all her letter sounds & blends. She's in kindergarten and Jared will start first grade in 2 weeks! He's very excited! They both memorized this verse today and I plan on having them memorize the entire chapter this month. We will see if I can get them to do it without too much stress :)

It's such a great chapter about the Lord being our Shepherd and we his sheep. How he cares for us. I think the kids will enjoy learning about it. After class today we went out and roamed the woods. It was such a beautiful day and I didn't want to waste it inside folding laundry. Which I did not get to today :/ maybe after this blog I will get some done ;)
I went around taking pics of the new vegetation coming to life! Jorja followed me with here fisher price camera I got her for Christmas...snapping away just like her momma :)
We weaved in and out of the hanging branches and under trees :)
Stopping to bask in the glow of the sunshine.....
Then we saw a snake! That was all she wrote!! We then retreated to the house. It was a nice day :)

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