Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Day Back at Homeschooling

So it's 8:00 in the morning, school starts at 8:25 and all the kiddies are still in bed.
I've got to have a cup of coffee before I start this first day back at homeschooling. For some reason all my coffee cups have vanished so I resorted to the tea cup. Then I reach for the muffin mix, whip up a batch of Triple Berry Muffins and put them into the oven. I've got to get the children up and going.

15 mins later, the muffins are ready

The children are rising and making their way into our tiny kitchen to grab breakfast and start their first day back since the last week in May. We took June off to rest, get Mt. Laundry under control and get the house back in order. One of my son's went on a trip with the church during this time as well. We spent some days being lazy and playing all day and we needed it.

Jared's first subject is Spelling so we're reciting his spelling words and he writes them 3 x each. He enjoys his subjects but can become distracted throughout the morning so I have to stay on top of him like you would not believe!

Jorja loves math and wanted to show off her work. She wasn't all smiles during penmanship. She is in a mood every morning but lightens up after the first 2 subjects. She's a tenacious little girl and I wouldn't change a thing about her.
Joel is practicing writing his numbers. He hasn't been doing school very long and he's not very interested in learning anything at the moment.
But I do my best to encourage him to get it done.
It's not long before he's had enough. I know his limits and can tell it's time to stop. At least he completed his Phonics and Math.
It's Bible Devotion Time! My favorite time of the day. Although naturally the kids are not always eager to read the Bible but most days it ends up being a blessing. It's a time that we have set aside for God to read his word, pray and sing praises to Him. It's a time of worship and the children know this. They like to laugh and play at the beginning but I teach them to show reverence and respect for this special time we have set aside for Him. I believe that I am responsible for teaching my children the Word of God and anything they hear at church and Sunday School is extra credit ;) I've been doing this for 6 months now and I don't believe I'll ever stop.
Jacob completes all of his schoolwork in my bedroom because he is the class clown. He cannot sit in a school room setting without picking at someone, cracking a joke or telling a funny story. He likes to cause a ruckus and play. He's very talkative and social just like his daddy. He's not interested in learning the material but just wants to make the grade. School isn't for everyone. I know I didn't start enjoying learning until my early twenties. I have to be careful with him because he will have me rolling on the floor laughing before I know it. Then we're both distracted.
Jon is a very pleasant boy. He lights up the room with his smile. He enjoys his work and you can tell by how precise his work is. He's a dreamer and I sometimes catch him staring off into another world but he's good at catching himself. He loves History and likes reading his lessons aloud and discussing them with me.
I decided to go ahead and change my calender in the school room / dining room, since there were only a few days left in June.

Jared is finally on his last subject of the day. He'll get to play on the computer after this because he was such a good boy.

At the end of the school day this is what my floor looks like. Cluttered with self tests I have to grade, completed work I need to file and school work to get into their folders for the next day. Yes, this is my desk. I really prefer it this way. There is so much space to utilize. The day ran smooth thanks to the schedule I created a few months back. It's been a blessing and help to me. And everyone completed their work so I was happy and encouraged.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad you had a good day. It looks very similar to mine. My family is a big triple berry muffins lover. I use the instant though. I know!! Hey it works for me. LOL!!

I hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Well I say instant but I mean Martha White!! Or is it Betty Crocker? Anyway one of those ladies. said...

Great blog. I have five kids, too and our days look very similar! Lol

Mom of 5 said...

gotjoy3 ~ Yes, that's the kind I'm talking about. Works for me too ;)

Joyfilleddays ~ Thanks! I'm glad I'm not alone! I'm following your blog on fb :)

I'd love to hear and see how your families home school.